Monday, June 28, 2010

Nightmares - How can we transform our night terrors?

We all have nightmares - those frightening dreams that we wake from in a cold sweat. The mere act of "waking up" is probably the very thing that is needed.  Nightmares call us into becoming conscious of our fears.

What are nightmares? 

If we consider that dreams are messages from the soul to our conscious mind, then nightmares could be viewed as urgent messages, that is, messages previously sent in a gentler form but went unheard or denied. These messages could point to problems in attitude towards some aspect of our lives, they could expose an outmode way of being that limits our growth or they highlight the death of current perspective or attitude.  In all cases, we are confronted in some way. But it is the comfortable and the status quo of our ego that is in some way no longer serving our deeper journey.  

The longer we ignore these messages from the soul then the more vehement the messages become.   

The way that we look at various aspects of ourselves often determine the form that they appear. For example, a menacing destructive figure comes after you and you run from it. The question is what are you running from in your life.  In many cases, apparently dangerous dream figures can lose their destructive energy simply by taking a receptive attitude to our inner world.

How can we transform our nightmares? 

Turn around and face whatever it is that you have been avoiding or denying. The menace that you have been running from for what seems like forever will like take on a different shape.  I love the phrase that I heard Wayne Dyer  "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"  Try changing your perspective.    

I talk a bit more about this in an article in The Toronto Star entitled  "Work-related dreams often represent unfinished business" 

Christina Becker is a Jungian Analyst, Professional Astrologer and Consultant with a private practice in Toronto, Ontario Canada. She is graduate of the C.G. Institute Zurich. Her practice purpose is to empower individuals, couples, teams and organizations on their path of transformation. Her website is

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