Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09/09/09 - Symbol of an Ending and a New Beginning

For many people, today is a particularly auspicious day. It is the last single digit configuration of its kind for at least 1000 years.

If we just look at the symbolism of the number "9" we might get a sense of why we have attached significance to the day. Carl Jung wrote in Man and his Symbols:
"Nine has been a magic number for centuries. According to the traditional number symbolism,  it represents the perfect form of the perfected trinity in its threefold elevation"  (p. 367).  
The number is the last single digit before beginning of a new cycle that starts with 10.  In the Tarot, the ninth card in the deck is the Hermit. This major arcana card reflects the archetypal energy of completion, introspection and space. 

Therefore the number Nine is a number of completion.  It is also a number of gestation, birth and intiation.  It takes 9 months for a human child to gestate. I have seen in the dreams of my clients that the psyche will have the same gestation as an individual births a new perspective or attitude. We could see that the number Nine reflects the culmination of awareness as it ends a cycle

As human beings we have a need to make sense of our place in the cosmos and we create symbolic systems to add meaning to our lives.

Whether you believe or not, this is a good day to reflect or meditate on:
  • what have you accomplished over the last 9 months;
  • what goals do you have;
  • what are you thankful for;

Christina Becker is a Jungian Analyst, Psychological Astrologer and Consultant.. Her practice purpose is to "empower individuals, couples, teams and organizations on their path of transformation" Her website is .

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